About the Coalition

The State of North Carolina has faced monumental challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. NC LIVE was formed to provide the State of North Carolina with public assembly industry input, to provide recommendations to safely reopen the State’s public assembly facilities due to the challenges generated by the COVID-19 pandemic. NC LIVE consists of a wide array of State and municipally owned institutions, universities, professional sports teams, and arts organizations.


It is our objective to identify the industry’s best practices, so North Carolina's facilities can properly implement and reopen safely and responsibly at 100% capacity. Our intent is to make these recommendations clear, concise, scalable, and sustainable.


In our plan, you will find industry specific recommendations as well as standards and guidelines provided by the Federal, State, and local government, the CDC, Public Health organizations, and related Sports and Casino Commissions, readily available in June 2020. The entertainment, sports, and facility management industries have made every effort to be collaborative to find common solutions to the issues we are all facing. Associations unique to our industry that have “set the bar” for best practices, such as the International Association of Venue Managers and Event Safety Alliance as well as other private institutions, have generated numerous guidelines and recommendations that we have adopted and referenced for this document.


By re-opening our facilities, we will do our part in not only re-opening North Carolina's economy, but more importantly, providing the human interaction and common experiences we crave.